JP Dionisio

→ Webflow Developer
→ Webflow Global Leader
→ JavaScript Developer
→ Client-First Translator
→ Ex-Architect

Bespoke websites for premium brands.

DM or email me and let's get started!
These exceptional projects were brought to life in partnership with the talented folks at Beyond.Agency. As part of their team, I had the privilege of transforming their incredible branding and design ideas into stunning websites using Webflow. Together, we've created bespoke online experiences for premium brands that truly stand out.
favorites ✦
Configure London ✦
Property • Finanace
Build • JavaScript • CMS • Attributes • Motion
Learning Cubs
Build • JavaScript • CMS • Attributes • Motion
Copper Tax ✦
Finance • Tax
Build • JavaScript • CMS • Attributes • Motion
Finance • AI
3D • Build • JavaScript • CMS • Attributes • Motion
Ramp ✦
AI  • Saas
Build • JavaScript • CMS • Attributes • Motion
Chris Lacey
Personality • Design
Build • JavaScript • Motion
Arrow Hero
Slater Competition
Design • Build • JavaScript • Xano
Ocead Dynamics
Saas • Management
Build • JavaScript • CMS • Attributes • Motion
Unloc ✦
Curation • Technology
Build • JavaScript • CMS • Attributes • Motion
SaaS • Logistics
Build • JavaScript • CMS • Attributes • Motion • Multi-lang
Tixserve ✦
SaaS • Events
Build • JavaScript • CMS • Attributes • Motion
Finsweet Client-First Tagalog
Webflow Community
Document Translation
Caleo ✦
Interior Design • Furniture
Build • JavaScript • CMS • Attributes • Motion
Caleo's website screenshot
River Stewardship Company
Social Advocacy
Build • JavaScript • CMS • Attributes • Motion
No Pitch Club ✦
Social Advocacy
Build • JavaScript • CMS • Attributes • Motion
Michael Bentwood
Personality • Sports
Build • JavaScript • Motion
Esland Care
Health • Education
Build • CMS • Attributes • Motion
VidGrid ✦
Curation • Videos
Build • JavaScript • CMS • Attributes • Motion
SaaS • Management
Build • JavaScript • CMS • Attributes • Motion
Speed Build Challenge ✦
Webflow Event
1st Runner-Up • Design • Build • Lottie • Motion
Learning Hive
Build • JavaScript • CMS • Attributes • Motion
Ear Care Skills
Health • Education
Build • Motion
Zoosh ✦
SaaS • Investment
Build • JavaScript • CMS • Attributes • Motion
Amusement • Art Exhibit
Build • JavaScript • Motion
Webspo ✦
Curation • Websites
Build • JavaScript • CMS • Attributes • Motion
404 Errventure
Social Project
Build • JavaScript • Motion
Cozmo & Friends ✦
Amusement • Toy
Build • JavaScript • Motion
SaaS • Convenience • Fuel
Build • JavaScript • CMS • Attributes • Motion
Kislap Weddings ✦
Photography • Videography
Branding • Design • Build • CMS • Motion
Marker by Beyond
Social Project
Build • Motion
Education • Social Advocacy
Additions • JavaScript • Lottie • Motion
Religious • Events
Branding • Design • Build • Motion
Cookies by Beyond
Social Project
Build • Motion
Finance • Venture Capital
Build • CMS • Motion
Social Project • Hackaton
Strategy • Design • Build • CMS • Attributes • Motion
Engineering • Safety
Build • CMS • Motion
Pokédex ✦
Personal Project
Build • JavaScript • API • Motion
favorites ✦
Discovery Deck ✦
Marketing • Branding
Build • Motion
Trusted Technology ✦
Engineering • Technology
Build • JavaScript • CMS • Attributes • Motion
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✦ Build • JavaScript • CMS • Attributes • Motion
National Service Providers
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Build • Motion
24 Watts
This is some text inside of a div block.
Build • Motion
Coinflo [HODL]
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✦ Build • Motion

What's like working with me

Webflow Expertise

With Webflow, your website will not only look visually stunning but also provide a seamless user experience.

From captivating animations to intuitive navigation, we create websites that leave a lasting impression on your visitors.

JavaScript Mastery

My strong command of JavaScript allows me to add dynamic and interactive elements to your website.

Whether it's implementing libraries like Swiper.js, Matter.js, GSAP.js, or crafting custom functionality, I have the technical skills to enhance user experiences and make your website stand out.

Remote Collaboration

As a seasoned remote worker, I excel in asynchronous communication and collaboration.

Distance is not a barrier, as I seamlessly work with clients worldwide, providing regular updates and delivering exceptional results while maintaining open lines of communication.

Client Satisfaction

I prioritize understanding your unique goals and requirements, ensuring a tailored solution that aligns with your vision and business objectives.

Meticulous and detail-oriented, I deliver pixel-perfect designs and clean code to provide a flawless user experience.


I thrive on challenges and possess excellent problem-solving abilities. From troubleshooting technical issues to implementing complex features, I approach hurdles with determination and resourcefulness.

Beyond project completion, I provide ongoing support and maintenance, ensuring your website remains up-to-date and optimized.

"Unleashing Webflow Expertise"

Opening Shot: "Introduction"

[Opening shot of a computer screen displaying a sleek Figma design]

Opening Shot: "Introduction"

JP, early-30s, a skilled and passionate Webflow Developer, sits at his desk, focused and determined.


Hey there, I'm JP Dionisio, and I'm here to take your Webflow projects to the next level. With over 5 years of expertise as a Webflow Developer, I bring a unique blend of creativity and technical prowess to every project.

JP's Workspace: "Passion and Expertise"

JP works on his computer, with the Webflow interface displayed.


My passion lies in turning stunning designs into fully functional, interactive websites and web apps using the magic of Webflow.

Showcase: "Seamless Design and Functionality"

A dynamic shot of a website comes to life, showcasing the seamless blend of design and functionality, with smooth animations and delightful user experiences.


Over the years, I've honed my skills in website development best practices, and my track record speaks for itself—delivering exceptional results that captivate audiences.

Webflow Conference: "Recognized Expertise"

JP confidently presents at a Webflow conference, showcasing his expertise to an engaged audience.


As a recognized Global Leader of Webflow, I've mastered the art of optimizing projects for blazing-fast performance and ensuring they're search engine-friendly.

JP's Remote Workspace: "Collaborating Across Distances"

JP works remotely, wearing headphones and speaking into a microphone, seamlessly collaborating with clients from around the world.


I thrive in remote collaborations, bringing seamless communication and collaboration skills to the table. For the past 3 years, I've been exceeding client expectations, no matter the distance.

JP's Workspace: "JavaScript Mastery"

JP expertly utilizes JavaScript libraries like Swiper.js, Matter.js, GSAP.js, bringing interactivity and engagement to websites.


I love getting creative with JavaScript libraries, adding that extra touch of interactivity and engagement to make your website shine.

Showcase: "Optimized Class Naming"

A visually appealing shot of a website or web app built using Webflow showcases optimized class names with the Client-First class naming system.


And when it comes to clean code and efficiency, I'm your go-to expert. As a Finsweet Plus member and the Tagalog translator of Finsweet's Client-First documentation, I've got the Client-First class naming system down to a tee.

JP's Workspace: "Confident and Ready"

JP sits confidently at his desk, smiling warmly at the camera.


Let's align our creative visions and bring sophistication to your digital presence. Reach out to me today, and together, we'll create something truly remarkable.

Call-to-Action: "Elevate Your Web Projects"

[End with a clear call-to-action, encouraging viewers to take action and get in touch to explore possibilities]


Ready to elevate your web projects? Let's have a chat and discuss how we can make your vision a reality. Contact me today, and let's embark on this exciting journey together.


See if I'd be a good fit for your team

Could you introduce yourself and share your background?

I'm JP Dionisio,
a Webflow Dev with over 5 years of experience.

Photo of JP

My academic background is in architecture, and I've also worked in advertising.

This diverse background has guided my transition into Webflow dev, where I channel my creativity and technical knowledge to create aesthetic and effective websites.

Can you summarize your professional experiences relevant to Webflow development?


I've worked across various roles, from being a independent creative to being a full-time Webflow dev at US, now UK.

Currently, I’m the developer for Beyond, UK.

I excel best a translating bespoke Figma designs into dynamic Webflow websites.

Outside my day job...

I’m the Weblow Global Leader and founder of the Webflow PH community.

It is here that I devote my time creating a space where fellow Filipino creatives can freely teach and learn from each other.

Could you walk us through a representative project that you've worked on?

Sure thing.

So, Caleo, a posh fireplace brand, came to us needing a refresh for their site.

They wanted their website to feel like a digital interactive magazine, really showing off their luxury fireplaces.

Caleo's website screenshot

The task wasn't a walk in the park—we really had to push Webflow to its CMS limits.

We dived deep into custom JavaScript to make the site super interactive and aligned with Caleo's high-end vibe.

We also used Finsweet's Attributes solutions to spice things up.

This let us add filter options, so customers could easily find their dream fireplace.

All in all,
we turned their site into a digital catalogue that truly encapsulates the elegance of their brand.

The project was a fantastic challenge and super rewarding—especially seeing the positive impact it had for Caleo!

Can you assess your technical skills for us?


I have a solid mastery of Webflow development,

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript—these are my bread and butter.

I'm pretty nifty with asset optimization too, and I'm well-versed in creating engaging experiences using Webflow Interactions.

As for SEO and accessibility, I've got a good understanding of on-page SEO best practices and I always strive to adhere to accessibility standards.

I believe that great design should be inclusive and easy to find!

When it comes to creative JavaScript libraries,

I've explored quite a few to add that extra magic to projects.

And hey, here's a cool fact:

I use Chat-GPT to code JavaScript
even though I could write it myself.

It makes my work faster and more efficient—plus, it's pretty fun.

All these tools and skills in my arsenal really enable me to push the envelope in each project I undertake.

How do you handle remote collaborations and communication?

For sure!

In my 3 years working remotely,
I've learned the importance of


I use tools like Loom to ensure my reports or ideas are clear and understood.

Screenshot of JP collaborating with others online.

I also don't shy away from asking questions when I need clarity.

This approach has helped me exceed expectations in all my collaborations, despite the distance or time differences.

How do you go about your Webflow building process?

Great question.

My workflow begins with a comprehensive analysis of the project brief, objectives, and technical reqs.

I spend time in the Figma file to look at how different elements/pages of the site interact and flow with each other.

My build process kicks off with a Client-First Starter template, where I've added a few custom elements for a more streamlined build.

This approach ensures a clean,
semantic HTML structure,
and a build that's easy to understand.

Screenshot of customized Client-First starter template

I then shift focus to the Style Guide and begin developing the homepage.

After that,
I work on the rest of the pages, integrating any necessary custom code along the way.

Once the structure is in place, I add animations and interactions. Website responsiveness is ensured while building each section.

Before turning over the final product, I double-check everything meticulously to ensure top-notch results.

What are your personal career goals
and what do you enjoy doing in your free time?


my career focus is on applying my expertise to a leading Webflow agency.

I'm all in for creating distinctive websites that exceed client expectations and gain recognition in our industry.

Outside of work, I'm a huge fan of manga.

I can't get enough of...
'Hajime no Ippo' and 'Tales of Demons and Dragons'.

Hajime no Ippo's manga coverTales of Demons and Gods' manga cover

I also have a keen interest in Three.js and love experimenting with how to integrate it into Webflow to push the platform's limits.

It's all about fusing work, learning, and personal passions.

Do you have any questions about us and the role?

I have a few things on my mind.

I'd love to know more about the company culture, especially how it nurtures continuous learning and innovation.

I'm also interested in how this role impacts the company's growth.

Additionally, I'm curious about how success is measured for this position.


I'd like to understand what prompted the job opening—is it a new role or a replacement?

So, what's it gonna take to get you on our team full-time?

To get a piece of the JP Dionisio magic as one of your leading Webflow developers,

we're starting the bidding at $5,000 a month.

That's for 35-40+ dedicated hours each week,
where I'll be all in on your projects

From high-level Webflow development to
custom JS coding,
smooth troubleshooting,
and strategic planning.

If you're ready to play big, don't be shy to make me an offer I can't refuse.

Are we ready to make Webflow history together?

When can you hop on board as a full-time Webflow developer in our team?

That's a fantastic question.

I'm currently committed to a role, so ideally,

I would be able to join your team in about 1 to 2 months after the contract signing.

I understand that timeline might not work for everyone, especially if you're in a hurry.

I believe in the value of a proper transition for both parties involved.

So, if you're open to a bit of a wait,
I'd be thrilled to bring my skills
and experience to your team.

We're impressed!
How do we get in touch?

Glad to hear that!

To discuss the next steps you can...

send me a message at twitter

or email me,

I'm looking forward
to bringing my skills to your team
and start making Webflow magic happen together.

Let's get this journey started!

We're interested!
How should we craft the perfect email to catch your attention?

Not sure what to write?

Here's a kickstarter email that'll have me grinning ear-to-ear.

Feel free to use it as a launching pad and modify as you wish.

SUBJECT: [Your Company Name] is thrilled about the potential of having you onboard!

Hi JP,

I'm [Your Name], [Your Position] at [Your Company Name]. We've been in awe of your work, especially your creative edge in the Caleo project. We're on the lookout for a senior Webflow developer who can inject fresh ideas into our team and you have captured our attention.

We're working on some ambitious Webflow projects that need a special touch of creativity and efficiency - we believe that's where you shine. [Mutual Acquaintance's Name] recommended you and honestly, we're thrilled at the potential synergy.

Our aim is to kick-start this awesome journey by [insert proposed timeline] because [insert reason]. We're in this for the long haul, and your expert skills could be the perfect match for our ambitious plans. We see a future where your Webflow expertise helps us push boundaries and reach new heights together!

Here's the real deal: You're our top choice. We are exploring other possibilities, but the search could end here if we're a match made in Webflow heaven.

I’m all set to provide further information you may need. If you're as excited as we are, let's pencil in a call. Is next week convenient for you? Feel free to choose a slot that suits you best on my [Calendar Link].

[Your Name]

Draft this email

A message like that would definitely make my day!

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

What if I feel like we're just not clicking?

Hey, no worries at all!

Not everyone jives the same way, right?

I'm not the right fit for everyone!
And that’s okay.

Also, if you have a job post,
let me know!

I can share it with my Webflow PH Experts circle.

We're all about helping each other out in our industry.

My Services & Pricing

Full-Time PartnershiP

If you're looking for a dedicated expert to handle all aspects of your Webflow needs, I offer full-time services.

For a monthly retainer of $5,000, you'll get comprehensive Webflow development, JavaScript coding, smooth troubleshooting, and strategic planning.

I'll work 35-40+ hours per week, dedicated solely to your projects.

Fractional Consulting

Looking for high-level strategic Webflow consulting without the need for a full-time expert? My fractional services might be the perfect fit.

For a monthly retainer of $3,000, I provide strategic Webflow consulting, major feature additions, and site architecture design.

My hours vary based on our agreement, and my time is shared with other clients.

Freelance Projects

If you have a specific project or a one-off need, my freelance services are available at a starting rate of $2,000 per project.

This includes one-off projects, site builds, major updates, and site maintenance.

My availability is flexible and I can manage multiple clients.

Part-Time Support

For projects that have a duration of one week or less, I offer my part-time assistance services for routine site maintenance, updates, user support, and minor feature additions.

My rate is set at a flat fee of $400 per day. This rate is applicable whether the workdays are consecutive or spread across non-consecutive days within the specified timeframe.

Part-Time Support

For those in need of part-time assistance, I offer routine site maintenance, updates, user support, and minor feature additions.

My services are available for $50 per hour, scheduled for fewer than 35 hours per week.

Behind the Screens: My Webflow Story

My journey towards becoming a successful Webflow Developer is a testament to my curiosity and creative spirit.

I've always been fascinated by the intricate relationship between design and its impact on people's lives.

I graduated with a bachelor's degree in architecture from UST, which introduced me to the idea of shaping people's lives through physical spaces.

But I soon realized I wanted to go beyond the physical - I was drawn towards the infinite possibilities of the digital realm.

My early career days in the advertising industry gave me valuable insights into marketing and selling to target customers. It's where I got introduced to design thinking and its iterative process.

Feeling more at home in the tech field, I transitioned my career to the digital startup industry, where the rapid pace of innovation was both challenging and invigorating.

My discovery of Webflow, an intuitive web design tool, marked a significant turning point in my career. Intrigued by its potential, I immersed myself in mastering it.

My hard work paid off when I managed to create a live business website for a client within two weeks - with no prior coding knowledge! The client was ecstatic with the fast delivery, on-brand web design, and most importantly, the impressive conversion results.

This success helped me realize my true passion - helping businesses grow through effective business websites.

I embarked on a mission to guide brands in optimizing their digital space by designing profitable websites that offer a memorable brand experience and effectively convert visitors into customers.

Seeing the potential of Webflow and the absence of a Filipino community for Webflow designers, I decided to start my own community.

This initiative has grown into a Meetup group with over 800 members, reinforcing my belief in the incredible talent Filipinos have to offer in the web industry.

Today, I take pride in my role as a Webflow Architect, guiding brands through their digital journey with my brand. I am also actively contributing my skills and expertise to Beyond Agency and Webflow as a Webflow Wizard and Leader, respectively.

One of my key missions is championing Filipino web creativity, a passion I continually manifest through my work and leadership within the Webflow PH community.

Despite my accomplishments, my commitment to my mission remains unwavering. I strive to give every project the attention and dedication it deserves, making sure to maintain a balanced and focused workload.

Between crafting profitable websites, steering a vibrant community, and persistently learning, I carve out time for consultations with prospective clients. My aim is to help more businesses optimize their online presence and achieve digital success.

As a leading Webflow Developer, my journey has been a fulfilling combination of challenges and rewards.

Boasting over a decade of experience in the creative field, I remain committed to learning, inspiring others, and making meaningful contributions to the dynamic digital landscape.

Screenshot of JP collaborating with others online.

Currently, I am happily engaged in a full-time role. However, I am always intrigued by new opportunities that push the boundaries of creativity and innovation.

I welcome the chance to explore collaborations that align with my expertise and passion for web design and development.

Photo of JP
Unleash the full potential of your creative vision with seamless Webflow development.

Let's collaborate to bring sophistication to your digital presence.

Send me a DM or an email to explore the possibilities.

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